Guanacaste Airport Transfers
Guanacaste Airport Transfers

Official Taxis

Costa Rica boasts a taxi fleet of approximately 12,500 vehicles, each characterized by its red body with subtle variations. Official taxis are distinctively marked with yellow triangular decals typically positioned on the front side doors. They also bear red license plates, featuring a 'T' as the first letter, a taxi sign atop the vehicle's roof, a digital fare meter (known as 'Maria') within the cab, and a radio system with an antenna. Fare rates vary based on factors such as taxi companies, vehicle types, waiting times, and traffic conditions.

Different taxi categories exist, including Sedan Taxis, 4x4 Cottage Taxis, minibuses, and specialized vehicles for transporting individuals with disabilities. Generally, vehicles are maintained in good optical and mechanical condition, with a few exceptions.

In addition to official taxis, private companies offer private taxi and shuttle services in Costa Rica. It's important to note that distinguishing between legitimate and unofficial services can sometimes be challenging. For your safety, we recommend inquiring at trustworthy sources if you plan to utilize a non-official service.

Practical Advice When Taking a Taxi

1. Ensure the Taxi Meter is Activated: Make certain that the taxi driver initiates the taximeter at the beginning of your journey.

2. Monitor the Initial Fare: As you commence your ride, the taximeter reading should not surpass 750 colones (approximately $1.3) for the initial kilometer.

3. Fare Payment: Pay exactly what is indicated on the taximeter screen unless you wish to express gratitude by providing an additional tip to the driver.

Taxi rates Red Fleet

Rates for the shuttle mode paid taxi (regular)    -RATES in colones-

Rate: 880 Colones

You can see this information in ARESEP official website here

What to do if the taxi drivers charges more than the allowed or if they deny a service?

Send a complaint to ARESEP, this is the Costa Rica body responsible for this situations , the complaint can be made in person at the offices located in Escazu Guachipelin , by telephone 8000 ARESEP ( 8000-27-3737 ) , via email to the address , at any post office in Costa Rica, by institutional social networks , and using the My Route application. Which are the requirements? Any complaint must include the personal data of the complainant (name , ID number , telephone, mail and any data reporting ) .

Taxilir, more than a taxi service