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About Taxilir Liberia Guanacaste

We are a group of friends and official taxis from Liberia authorized by the state. We are native to Liberia: we were born and grew up here. Due to the need of our customers to have a way to arrange a taxi service online or by phone, we created TAXILIR as the option to solve this for our customers.

We are dedicated to ensuring a friendly, fast and efficient taxi service. Our prices are duly approved by the government, through the rates based on the price displayed by the taximeter. With Taxilir NO HIDDEN FEES is the policy. What you see with the online App is what you get charged.

Our Vehicles

Among our fleet we have cars, 4x4 vehicles and special transport vehicles (for customers with partial or total disability).

How to identify a Taxilir partner

Partners from Taxilir have the following sign on the roof; you can see the logo.

Recognize an official taxi in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica operate approximately 12,500 taxis, all have red body with some nuances. The official taxis are recognizable by yellow triangular markings usually on the front side doors, registration (plate) red with...

Taxilir, more than a taxi service