Guanacaste Airport Transfers
Guanacaste Airport Transfers
About Us

Who we are?

At Taxilir, we are more than just a transportation service – we are a group of friends and official taxi operators based in Liberia, fully authorized by the state. Our roots are deeply ingrained in Liberia, as we were born and raised here. With a shared commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our valued customers, we established TAXILIR to offer a seamless online and phone-based taxi booking solution.

Our unwavering dedication revolves around delivering a taxi service that is not only efficient and speedy but also marked by a warm and friendly approach. Our pricing structure is meticulously sanctioned by the government, aligning with the rates derived from the taximeter readings. At Taxilir, we hold a 'NO HIDDEN FEES' policy – the fare displayed on our online App is precisely what you will be charged, ensuring transparency and peace of mind for all our passengers.

Identifying an Official Taxi in Costa Rica

Costa Rica boasts a taxi fleet of around 12,500 vehicles, all adorned with a red body and varying nuances. To distinguish official taxis, look for the distinctive yellow triangular markings typically positioned on the front side doors. These official taxis also bear red registration plates, featuring... Read more

Taxilir, more than a taxi service